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Releasing Futari No Table

Hi shoujo fans,

Today we are releasing a chapter of the same author/artist of Silent Kiss. It was suppose to be released with Silent Kiss due to my slowness it was held a week later. Therefore, introducing Futari no Table Chapter 1:

Download - [Link]

We are grateful for good comments and criticism on Tumblr.

Enjoy this release!! And enjoy a Happy Easter!!!

For new chapters to come out quicker, if you think you take on a role of translator, cleaner, typesetter and QC. Welcoming new recruits, contact me on Tumblr or by email:



To all,

Futari no Table will be re-translated to Italian by Shoujonk Team.

Also Silent Kiss will be re-translated to Italian by Amethyst Eyes.

If any queries, please PM on Tumblr or email to:


Futari no Table - Extra

From our translator on Silent Kiss and Futari no Table has found the artist volumes in a bookstore with lovely artwork signs displayed. <3

Click on the image to go to his Tumblr page, for more updates on Silent Kiss and Futari no table


Spanish group translating Silent Kiss

To relevant scanlating groups,

Silent Kiss will be translated to Spanish by Pig Rabbit Fansub.

And Silent Kiss will also be translated to French by Lune Rouge.

If any queries, please PM on Tumblr or email to:


Re-translating Silent Kiss

To scanlating groups,

Whom plan to ask for permission to re-translate Silent Kiss to Spanish from our translation will be declined. If any emails are sent it will be ignored and deleted as I have being receiving many emails from different groups on the same thing.

This include to any other groups who plan to use our works for other purposes unless it is deemed to be worthy and for good cause.


Silent Kiss is finally arriving to Shirayuki Scans

Hi shoujo fans,

Shirayuki Scans is bring Silent Kiss is you, we will be releasing Futari no Table next week by the same artist/author. In any case enjoy this release!!!


Chapter 1: [Download]

Also, we’re looking for those interested on being translators, typesetters as well as cleaners. No experience is required. You can PM here on Tumblr or email me on

We are grateful for any good comments and criticism on Tumblr. Thank you very much and enjoy!!

Anonymous screamed:I think you guys should pick up Black Bird. I don't know if the English version is over but the Japanese is and it was wonderful.

HI Anonymous,

Sorry but we can not pick this up as it is already taken by another group called ‘Transcendence’. Thank you for your suggestion, happy to here more suggestions.


28th Mar Uploads

Hi fans,

Our long delay on Akaiito is over, giving you a double release of Chapter 10 and 11 also Chapter 2 of Boku no Robot. Please look forward to it. :D


Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Boku no Robot 

Chapter 2

We are grateful for any good comments and criticism to it on Tumblr. Thank you very much and enjoy!!


Anonymous screamed:what happened to tofu

she went to sleep.

-maybe tofu

Anonymous screamed:Hi is hikarii from pig rabbit i loke ask permission for retranslate in spanish the oneshot Tsuki akari thanks :33 Pigrabbitfansub-hotmail-com

To Pigrabbit Fansub

Hi, Hikari
Yes, I allow your group to retranslate into Spanish on Tsuki Akari no Shoutaijou
Thank you for the asking permission. Please give me a response that you have received this email.
Shirayuki Scans :)
Anonymous screamed:who manages the email: thcryxbaby@gmail,com??

Hi, Anonymous

This is the previous of our previous leader, Tofu. I have taken leadership of this group.

We will be using this email for further quires:

This is blog is currently being updating


Tsuki Akari no Shoutaijou

Shirayuki Scans:

Hello fans,

A long wait is finally over for our one-shot that was delay since last Christmas. In any case, here are our release and I hope you guys enjoy them:



There is no vigour to, in the short-term dwelling. Then, suddenly came across a mystery man …! ?Exciting new début! Warm love of a neighbour.

Tsuki Akari no Shoutaijou: One- shot

Look forward to our new coming projects and future releases of Akaiito and Boku no Robot will be releasing very soon.