imageJust had to get these volumes. It’s been a very long time that I actually bought books.


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imageToday releasing 4 Chapters of Akaiito, to make up for the one release we had last month.

Check them out our project page for the download links.

We’ll be picking up two new series, so we’re looking for new recruits in Jap translators, cleaners, typesetters and Quality checkers, click on recruitment page link if you are passionate and want to help out.

Our new forum:


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2 • View topic - Wagaya no Oinarisama Gallery?

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Silent Kiss Chapter Release

Hi everyone,

Sorry for this month, there delays in all of projects. So I have only able to release Silent Kiss Chapter 2. 

Here’s the download LINK.

Check out our new forum,

For quicker release, recruiting all roles.


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Sneakpeak of Silent Kiss Ch2

I’ve posted a peak of the first page to Ch2 of Silent Kiss. There is some improvements to the artwork considering that we are working from poor magazine raws. I will gradually improve on this, maybe reupload Chapter 1 when my skills are much better and all the help from our lovely cleaners too.


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imageI can’t remember where I found this from someone or somewhere. Here is some postcards looking of mostly Haruka and Yukimaru from Silent Kiss. Loving the sweet artworks and the finger on the lips.


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Happy Birthday Shirayuki Scans

Hi everyone, this is xxhisuixx current leader of Shirayuki scans here. 

This group is finally turning 2 this year. I am releasing all the chapters we have in stock. So thanks to all the staff and recruit also support, I could not continue this group without everyone’s help. There’s no releases of Silent kiss, Futari no Table and Wagaya no Oinarisama this month.

Extra update: We will no longer be working on Blind Marchen as its been taken be another group. We are working on Sougihime missing part of a chapter. 

Releasing 2 chapters of Akaiito + Vol 1 Epilogue

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Epilogue Vol1 

Climax of Boku no Robot will be near reaching the end with 4 chapters release and one more chapter to go.

Chapter 4                  Chapter 5

Chapter 6                  Chapter 7

And a One shot - Yuki no Koi


We are still looking for new recruits for all roles, to join by emailing me to or Tumblr or Batoto.

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Retranslating groups list

Hi everyone,

I have posted a group list to those who have ask for permission on our projects as some where confused. This is posted on our Batoto forum and it will make things is easier.



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Releasing Boku no Robot Chapter 3

Hi everyone,

I have just released the next chapter of Boku no Robot.

Hope you enjoyed Chapter 2 the trip to Okinawa, now giving you more comedy romance of Rai and Yuma.

Download: [Link]

For new chapters to come out quicker, if you think you take on a role of translator, cleaner, typesetter and QC. Welcoming new recruits, contact me on Tumblr or by email:


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Re-translator group for Futari no Table

To all,

Futari no Table will be re-translated to Spanish by Aoharaido fansub.

Click on their name to see their website.

For any queries PM on Tumblr. 


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Releasing Futari No Table

Hi shoujo fans,

Today we are releasing a chapter of the same author/artist of Silent Kiss. It was suppose to be released with Silent Kiss due to my slowness it was held a week later. Therefore, introducing Futari no Table Chapter 1:

Download - [Link]

We are grateful for good comments and criticism on Tumblr.

Enjoy this release!! And enjoy a Happy Easter!!!

For new chapters to come out quicker, if you think you take on a role of translator, cleaner, typesetter and QC. Welcoming new recruits, contact me on Tumblr or by email:


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To all,

Futari no Table will be re-translated to Italian by Shoujonk Team.

Also Silent Kiss will be re-translated to Italian by Amethyst Eyes.

If any queries, please PM on Tumblr or email to:


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